Flood Damage And Landscaped Trees

Water damage treesWhen water damage occurs because of rain or busted water pipes in your house, the extent of damage is experienced in a very limited area. You will likely be finding water flowing into the basement and even out of the house. However, in the case of a flood, water damage crosses these limits and it washes an entire area away. In such a case, landscaped trees are damaged in a worse manner as compared to your home and increase the wreck in your property. Though trees are usually able to endure everything that nature can make them suffer, issues usually arise in the case of floods as the trees are not ready for such a massive shock. These trees can give in like sand castles. They may fall upon your house as well and cause more damage that you even imagined. Check out http://moldremediationatlanta.org/water-damage/ to see more. However, if the trees are able to survive, they need more care than before. It helps them recover from the shock in a better way.
The chances of survival of any tree will depend on its species and its flood tolerance levels. Healthier trees are generally able to survive better than poorly maintained trees. Usually, trees will be able to withstand a couple of weeks of submergence in water. However, as their roots are completely underwater, they are not able to get enough oxygen because of which they become dull. The longer the water stands, the more damage it will cause. Too much soil buildup after the water has receded is as harmful as standing water as the oxygen of the tree is blocked. In case salty water entered the area, then soil salinization will burn the roots and the tree will be almost dead. It will be difficult to grow anything else in the area again.
Usually, water damaged trees will show yellowing leaves and even drop the leaves sooner. The leaf size after the drop out will be smaller and you will even see excessive water sprouts growths. Some dieback at the top of the tree will also be seen. Infestations by diseases and insects will be noticed more easily than other symptoms. The roots will start to rot as well. Make sure that you provide extra therapeutic care to these trees after the flood damage. Remove all dead and damaged bark parts and limbs from the tree and use a low nitrogen fertilizer in the soil so that new growth can be encouraged. Soil mulching will also help you a lot.

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